Our “SD” Series are fabricated from all type 316 stainless steel in the process area for sanitary application.  Product processing chambers are fully jacketed for optional  heating or cooling.  All mills may process materials up to 400°F and withstand product throughput pressures up to 150 PSI (100 PSI on the “SD-2”).  Products to be processed must be in a pumpable slurry.  All units are non-aerating, high shear, in-line equipment and can be fully calibrated in increments of .001”.  Average micron particle size that can be achieved is usually between 3-5 microns.  The horizontal design of the CHARLOTTE lends itself to inline installation.  Together, with its “user-friendly” assembly for easy maintenance and non-aerating production chamber, the CHARLOTTE COLLOID MILL may be used for either batch or continuous processing.  Its unique hydraulic shear and centrifugal action production chamber allows the CHARLOTTE to process the most viscous products.  The Charlotte can be cleaned in place.


In Laboratory and Pilot work, the Model SD-2 Charlotte Colloid Food Mill, equipped with a 3 H.P. motor will produce an indicative product comparable to the results obtained on the larger production mills.


We make turnkey systems from our pilot lab all the way up to full production units.

Typical Mayonnaise Plant using the Charlotte Continuous Mayonnaise Machine

System #1

System #1
Complete turnkey system for laboratory R & D work and small production.  High polished stainless steel trolley with caster swivel wheels (two locking), digital controlled, VFD motors,  Available with either 4 or 20 gallon 316 stainless steel premix tank.  One sanitary transfer pump includes all valves, piping, etc.  Will fit through standard doorframe.

System #2
Charlotte Continuous Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing System. Capacity 175 gallons per hour. Complete package unit includes two 25 gallon stainless steel turbine type pre-mixers, each with VFD motor and drives., one Model SD-5 Charlotte Continuous Mayonnaise Machine with 5 H.P., high speed motor. Includes all necessary 1” sanitary valves, piping, remote speed controls and electrical switches and starters contained within, and available with a high polished stainless steel frame.

System #2

System #3

System #3 and #4
The Charlotte Continuous Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing Systems are designed with utmost flexibility for both initial and anticipated production requirements. While single premixer, pump and mill arrangement is adequate for initial production, it can be doubled easily with the addition of a single premixer unit.

The single 100 gallon premixer, pump and Charlotte SD-20 System is recommended for 600 gallons per hour. Two 100 gallon pre-mixers, pump and Charlotte SD-20 System will produce a minimum of 1200 gallons per hour.

The single 200 gallon premixer, pump and Charlotte SD-40 System is recommended for 1200 gallons per hour, and with the addition of the second 200 gallon premixer, production can be increased to a minimum of 2400 gallons per hour. A two premixer System is flexible and ideally suited for the manufacture of tartar sauce, sandwich spread, etc., where incorporation of pickle and other garnish is added just prior to filling.

System #4

All frame construction is stainless steel. All controls are digital VFD motors and gear head. Electric is set to customer’s requirements.

Chemicolloid Laboratories, Inc. offers a complete line of motors, drives, mechanical seals, pumps and tools for your mills.

We are longtime members of the ADS Association of Dressings and Sauces.