A Proven Money Maker

The Charlotte is preferred for products with specifications for non-aerated high emulsion stability and uniform dispersion. The Charlotte provides the means to convert basic ingredients into high quality finished products. Adopted as standard equipment in a diversity of industries requiring the optimum in homogenization and colloidal milling, the Charlotte Mill serves the complex requirements of modern industry at low production cost, efficiently, sanitarily and with a degree of milling stability unsurpassed in the processing industry.

High Tech Construction

All Charlotte Colloid Mills are manufactured utilizing skilled craftsmanship and the latest in high performance construction materials. The Charlotte G (Industrial) series is available with type 316 stainless steel or hardened steel working components in the product area. The SD Models (Sanitary Design) are designed to handle food and other personal products under the strictest sanitary conditions via complete Type 316 stainless steel construction throughout the product area, equipped with sanitary fittings of industry standard ACME threaded or Triclamp connections and a special rotary shaft seal.

All non-stainless components are specially treated for maximum corrosion resistance. All models are isolation jacketed for cooling or heating, and provide continuous high production through a closed system from pre-mixing to packaging. Product chamber is easily accessed by the removal of 3 components.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The Charlotte Colloid Mill provides many years of clean trouble-free operation. Advanced system design and construction furnishes a self cleaning action through normal use. Simply flushing with water or an appropriate solvent is standard procedure, resulting in minimal clean-up time and maintenance costs. Periodic thorough cleaning and inspection of the entire milling chamber is easily accomplished.

WARNING! Are you using a colloid mill or are you using a modified pump? Some so-called mills are just modified pumps.