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All Charlotte Colloid Mills are manufactured utilizing skilled craftsmanship and the latest in high performance construction materials. The Charlotte G (Industrial) series is available with type 316 stainless steel or hardened steel working components in the product area. The SD Models (Sanitary Design) are designed to handle food and other personal products under the strictest sanitary conditions. Complete type 316 stainless steel construction is used throughout the product area, equipped with triclamp sanitary connections, and a special rotary shaft seal.

"SD" Series Applications
Mayonnaise/Dressings Syrups
Peanut Butters/Nut Butters Tomato Products
Fish Meals Gravies/Sauces
Aqueous suspensions Gels
Sunscreens Ointments
Dispersions Fragrances
Toiletries Potted Meats
Meat Pâtés Toothpastes
Wax Emulsions, i.e., Lipstick, Mascaras, Topical Creams and Lotions
Hair Care Products, Shampoos, Conditioners
"G" Series Applications
Bitumen Emulsions Road Paving Emulsions
Industrial Applications Roofing Compounds/Clay Slips
Sealers/Coal Tar Rustproofing Compounds
Latex Emulsions Adhesive Compounds
Wax Emulsions Greases/Lubricants
Lithium Complex Greases Pigment Dispersions
Silicone Emulsions PVC Slurry
Waterproofing Compounds Paper Coatings
Thermal Plastic Materials

The Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. has been the sole manufacturer of the Charlotte Colloid Mills since 1924. We serve the international marketplace with mills for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, petrochemical, grease, asphalt and textile industries, just to name a few.

The Charlotte Mills are preferred for products with specifications for non-aeratation, high emulsion stability and uniform dispersion. The Charlottes provide the means to convert basic ingredients into high quality finished products. Adopted as standard equipment in a diversity of industries requiring the optimum in homogenization and colloidal milling, the Charlotte Mills serve the complex requirements of modern industry at low production cost, efficiently, sanitarily and with a degree of milling stability unsurpassed in the processing industry.

The Charlotte Mills unique hydraulic shear, along with mechanical shear, and centrifugal action production chamber allows the Charlotte to process the most viscous products.

To date, we have shipped many thousands of units worldwide.

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

All Charlotte Colloid Mills are designed for trouble-free operation. The average life of our equipment, with good care, is many decades. The Charlottes can be cleaned in place. Saves time, saves money.

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