Charlotte Colloid Mills; Leading the Industry Since 1924

Incorporated in 1924, at 44 Whitehall St. in New York City, Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. began creating and manufacturing the world’s first colloid mills. Developing, researching, and testing for many of the early modern industries in the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, industries. The Charlotte was often the first colloid mill in use and continues to be so to this day.

Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. has continuously designed, manufactured, and distributed The Charlotte Colloid Mills. The Charlotte Colloid Mills have earned and still maintains an enviable reputation worldwide throughout the process industries.
The Charlotte is considered the standard by which excellence is measured.

Although the appearance of the first Charlotte Colloid Mills may have changed the commitment to quality has not. The early models were made with brass and materials available in the early twentieth century. The main principle and exclusive rotor and stator design was developed by Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. and has been improved over the years. Chemicolloid’s Global reputation for design and manufacture of Charlotte Colloid Mills and Complete Process Systems over the years is universally acclaimed and continues.

The Charlotte Colloid Mills are designed to perform and produce specified results under the most demanding circumstances. The Charlotte Colloid Mills are considered the finest and most robust colloid mills on the market. Since our beginning, the Charlotte Mills have been the standard by which excellence is measured. We are proud to point out that we have a Charlotte producing quality high quality stable products in virtually every county in the world for many decades. Some of our original mills are still in use.


Services/Support, Superior After Purchase Support

To help you maintain your Charlotte Colloid Mills in top operating condition, we offer a complete line of spare and replacements parts available for same day shipping. We also offer complete factory certified mill rebuilding for all our models. To ensure proper installation and maintenance, we provide our Technical Assistance Hotline for all your support needs.

Chemicolloid Laboratories, Inc. offers a complete line of motors, drives, mechanical seals, pumps and tools for your mills.

We also may buy back mills or accept trade ins.


Certified Factory Repairs

We offer factory certified warrantied factory repairs on all Charlotte Mills.

Contact us for more information.


Social Responsibility Giving Back to Our Communities

Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. supports many charitable and nonprofit organizations across the US and around the world.

Below are just a few types of organizations that we either currently support or have supported in the past:

  • Children’s Hospitals and Research
  • Environmental Groups



At Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. sustainability is more than just a buzzword. At all levels of our organization we try to embrace and promote sustainable operation as a core standard.

We strive to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into our everyday business activities and encourage each member of our team to look for new ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Charlotte Colloid Mills is committed to the protection and preservation of our shared planet.